Free Images: Vintage Garden Ads

I thought you would enjoy this vintage flower illustration. Perhaps it was a seed catalogue cover?

The Good &Reese Co.  SpringField, OHIO.  Floral Treasures 1896  New Hardy Everblooming Rose “Crimson Rambler”


Some Antique Photos

All of these were found in Cameron, North Carolina, but not sure at all that every person photographed was from that area.

Nothing written on back.

A Victorian mother with her baby.  Unfortunately, nothing written on the back.  I would love to see the detail on the brooch/button at the top of the blouse.

The blouse is gorgeous!

Love the sailor collar!  If only I could see this dress in person — the fabric, the detail!  The back of the picture says:  Elsie Sla__ (could be Slade); Claudeville (Va, I think)

And this little sweetie just pulls at my heartstrings.  Whatever name was written on the back is totally illegible due to the photo having been glued into a book at some point.

On back says 2-20-1945.  Stamp says PASSED BY BASE 1733 ARMY EXAMINER.

The back of this has a stamp from the studio:

American Studios, Apr 29, 1942, IMMEDIATE SERVICE, LA CROSSE, WIS (Wisconsin).  Girl not named.

I wonder if it was a school photo, sports photo?

Wowsa!  Would you look at THESE clothes.  Money?  Costumes?  Nothing at all written on back, but this photo was turned into a postcard.

Unfortunately, again, nothing written on back.

Fourth of July Pansies





to:  Mrs. J. B. Shelhamer

Thurs p.m.

July 25, 1912

Dear Bloom Children,

Your welcome letter rec’d.  Hope this finds you well.  Florence is going up with Ellen this afternoon and is coming over to see you too before she comes back home so if you are alone and need her to stay with you before next week go over to Ellens and get her to stay with you.  They might bring her to _____.  Pa is coming up next wk & all other.  Love to you.  Write soon.  I was going to send a card * couldn’t get all on it.  Don’t stay alone come down here if you don’t want to.  Florence.



Love to you.  Write soon.

A Happy Ending — Meeting Mary Loonam

Dear Readers,

You may not believe this, but one of the postcards here has been attached to a family, two times now!!  I have heard from two relatives of the Loonams and attached here is a very sweet picture of one of the Loonam sisters:  Mary.


Mary never married.

Here is the original post from 12/31/2009.

(Click image to enlarge.)

I cannot read the full post-marked date on this one, but it does say Dec 31 and is stamped Curryville. It is addressed to:

Miss M. R. Loonam
4509 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO

It reads: Hope you will be up soon.

Your friend,

PS–I am excited to report that a family member (from Ireland!) has found my site and has given me some information about the card.

The New Year’s Greetings card would have been addressed to Loverne Looman. This one, As time Rolls By, was addressed to her sisiter Mary R Loonam. The sisters died in the 1950s. They were spinsters.

I have scanned the back of this card.

Take care,